Mrs. Perrotti's News

1st Grade

1st grade classes have ended the year working on vowel teams. We are now able to read multisyllabic words with open and closed syllables, magic e, and vowel teams. Students are also strengthening their sight word knowledge by reviewing ALL of the 1st grade words. There were 220 of them! 

2nd Grade

2nd graders have learned and reviewed all of the 7 syllable types/ vowel sounds in the Orton Gillingham sequence. As we practice reading multisyllabic words, we are also focusing on comprehension strategies to prepare for 3rd grade! We are working on restating the question, looking back to the text for answers, and retelling the story in a sequence.

3rd Grade

3rd graders are focusing more on more complex vowel sounds (such as the sounds of y, and tricky suffixes). We also continue to practice writing and restating in complete sentences. Lastly, we practice going back into the text and highlighting our answers or text clues for inferences.

4th Grade

4th grade students have mastered their sounds, but we continue to work on applying this to decode words of 3, 4, or more syllables. We are also working on vocabulary development through the use of context clues and using known roots, prefixes, and suffixes.

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