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Name  Position Email Webpage
Kirsten Allen 1st Grade Email Mrs. Allen  Mrs. Allen's webpage
Megan Ambrose Elementary Resource Email Mrs. Ambrose Mrs. Ambrose's webpage
Christina Badini MD Email Mrs. Badini Mrs. Badini's webpage
 Alyssa Baldino 3rd Grade Email Mrs. Baldino  Mrs. Baldino's webpage
 Sheila Barbach  Technology/STEM/G&T  Email Mrs. Barbach Mrs. Barbach's webpage
Sara Bartel General/Vocal Music Email Mrs. Bartel Mrs. Bartel's webpage
 Gabriela Brown School Psychologist Email Dr. Brown  Dr. Brown's webpage
Nicole Covart Instrumental Music Email Mrs. Covart Mrs. Covart's webpage
 Olivia Cuozzo 4th Grade Email Ms. Cuozzo Ms. Cuozzo's webpage
 Craig Ellard Health/PE Email Mr. Ellard Mr. Ellard's webpage
 Kelly Ennis 5th/6th Science Email Ms. Ennis Ms. Ennis's webpage
 Ninetta Esposito 5th Grade Math Email Mrs. Esposito Mrs. Esposito's webpage
 Karen Flaherty 6th Grade Math Email Mrs. Flaherty Mrs. Flaherty's webpage
 Nicole Formato Preschool Email Mrs. Formato Mrs. Formato's webpage
 Deanna Fox Library/Media Specialist Email Mrs. Fox Mrs. Fox's webpage
 Amy Fudala Health/PE Email Mrs. Fudala Mrs. Fudala's webpage
 Eve Fusco Art Email Mrs. Fusco Mrs. Fusco's webpage
 Victoria Gaffney Health/PE Email Ms. Gaffney Ms. Gaffney's webpage
 Lisa Gemma 6th Language Arts Email Mrs. Gemma Mrs. Gemma's webpage
 Cira Giarratano School Social Worker/Guidance Email Mrs. Giarratano Mrs. Giarratano's webpage
 Diana Hayes Speech Email Mrs. Hayes Mrs. Hayes's webpage
 Stacey Klesitz 5th/6th Resource Email Mrs. Klesitz Mrs. Klesitz's webpage
 Joanne Kuhl Kindergarten Email Ms. Kuhl Miss Kuhl's webpage
 Lauren Laing Kindergarten Email Mrs. Laing Mrs. Laing's webpage
 Melanie LaRusso 3rd Grade Email Ms. LaRusso Ms. LaRusso's webpage
 April Lehman 7th Grade Language Arts Email Mrs. Lehman Mrs. Lehman's webpage
 Diane Lorber MD Email Mrs. Lorber  Mrs. Lorber's webpage
 Kellie Milos Elementary Resource Email Mrs. Milos Mrs. Milos's webpage
 Kelsey Mirabella School Counselor Email Ms. Mirabella  Ms. Mirabella's webpage
 Bryan Monaco 7th Grade Math Email Mr. Monaco Mr. Monaco's webpage
 Tammy Mongon 8th Grade Language Arts Email Ms. Mongon Ms. Mongon's webpage
 Marina Nazziola 2nd Grade Email Miss Nazziola Miss Nazziola's webpage
 Sean O'Callaghan 7th/8th Science Email Mr. O'Callaghan Mr. O'Callaghan's webpage
 Julie Olsen Kindergarten Email Mrs. Olsen Mrs. Olsen's webpage
Samantha Perrotti  Reading Specialist Email Mrs. Perrotti Mrs. Perrotti's webpage
 Nicoleta Pop 4th-6th Spanish Email Mrs. Pop Mrs. Pop webpage
 Pamela Reitter Preschool Email Mrs. Reitter Mrs. Reitter's webpage
 Jennifer Rothacker 5th/6th Social Studies  Email Mrs. Rothacker Mrs. Rothacker's webpage
 Michelle Salmon 4th Grade Email Mrs. Salmon Mrs. Salmon's webpage
 Lauren Savage 8th Grade Math Email Ms. Savage Ms. Savage's webpage
 Jennifer Scarfone 7th/8th Resource Email Mrs. Scarfone Mrs. Scarfone's webpage
 Catherine Scivetti 5th Grade Language Arts Email Mrs. Scivetti Mrs. Scivtetti's webpage
 Jennifer Shaw 1st Grade Email Ms. Shaw Ms. Shaw's webpage
 Jaclyn Sidney 3rd Grade Email Mrs. Sidney Mrs. Sidney's webpage
 Cindy Snider 2nd Grade Email Mrs. Snider Mrs. Snider's webpage
 Matthew Spender 1st Grade Email Mr. Spender Mr. Spender's webpage
 Georgette Toles 7th/8th Spanish Email Mrs. Toles Mrs. Tole's webpage
 Ladd Turner 7th/8th Social Studies Email Mr. Turner Mr. Turner's webpage

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