Jennifer Scarfone


Mrs. Scarfone

7th & 8th Resource Room


Contact Information

Email: [email protected] (email is the best way to contact me)

Phone: (973) 334-4162 x226


Extra Help Hours

Tuesday Morning: 7:17-7:37

Thursday Afternoon: 2:35-2:55


Classroom Expectations

  • Respect yourself and others

  • Try your best

  • Learn from your mistakes

  • Be responsible

  • Be honest

  • Come to class prepared (including charged Chromebooks)

  • Check your email frequently


Grading Policy

You will be graded on a Points-Based System. Tests, quizzes, classwork, homework, online tasks, and participation will be assigned a set number of points. This should encourage you to put the same amount of effort and importance into ALL assignments.





  • Students will be able to make test corrections for 1/2 points back if they score below 70

  •  You must use the "Test Correction Sheet" when making test corrections, or you will not receive credit.

Language Arts

  • You will be given assessments throughout the year including the following: 

    • Grammar

    • Writing

    • Reading Comprehension


Each week you will receive a participation grade.  I will be looking to see if you are prepared, participating, attentive, and trying your best. This includes that your Chromebook is charged BEFORE you come to school!


General Information:

In order to receive the maximum amount of points for each assignment, you must do the following:

  • Complete ALL parts of the assignment.

  • ALL work must be shown (Math)

  • Hand in assignments on time

  • I ask that you attempt each problem. It is important to show any understanding of the problem. (Math)

  • Points will be deducted if you are missing one of the criteria listed above


If you ever have questions about something you do not understand, be prepared to ask them in class the next day. You may also email me at [email protected]


Classroom Supplies


General Supplies:

  • At least 3 highlighters, any 3 colors 

  • Pens, any color

  • Pencils (Preferably not mechanical)

  • Reinforced loose-leaf paper

  • Pencil-tops or erasers

  • Earbuds or headphones

Language Arts:

  • Language Arts Section in your binder (with a divider) - please no notebooks

  • Post-It Notes


  • Math Section in your binder (with a divider) - please no notebooks
  • Graph paper for binder (optional) 


Suggestion: Keep a pencil pouch in each of your binders with the essential materials (highlighters, pens, pencils, erasers, etc.)




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