Making the Most of Academic Resources

Making the Most of Academic Resources
Posted on 01/26/2022

Rockaway Valley School has created a variety of opportunities for students to increase their academic performance or find extra help when difficulties arise.  We’re finding that some of these supports are being underutilized and so what follows is a “catalog” of how and when to find the kind of help your student needs.

1.  Teacher Extra Help Periods

All teachers have two scheduled Extra Help Periods of 20 minutes each for students who may be struggling with a concept or missed a lesson or two due to absence.  Each teacher’s extra help times (either before school or after) are listed on their personal webpages within the school website.  Feel free to email the teacher in advance that you are sending your student to extra help and describe the issue they are having.  This helps teachers be ready to assist your child.  Extra Help Periods are not for students who are grasping the work but want more content.

2.  Homework Support with Mrs. Perrotti

Homework Support meets on Tuesdays after school from 2:30 – 3:30.  Students who struggle with homework (getting started, getting organized, understanding instructions and rubrics, finding resources) may be recommended to homework support or may attend on their own.  Mrs. Perrotti will work on skills needed to keep up with homework from breaking down instructions into smaller tasks, time management and basic organization.  If you think your student would benefit from this type of help, reach out to Mrs. Perrotti (ext. 302 OR [email protected]) or your child’s teacher.  Parents are expected to pick up at or before 3:30. 

3.  Reinforcement Periods

Students in Grades 5 – 8 have two reinforcement periods per week built into their schedules.  During reinforcement, students may visit any of their core subject teachers and spend that period asking questions about concepts, clarifying assignments or making up work or assessments  missed due to absence.  Reinforcement is not necessarily for getting a jump on homework although it is a good opportunity to study for upcoming tests or quizzes.  Is your upper grade student making good use of reinforcement?

4.  Extended Instructional Support (EIS)

When underlying skills may not be up to par as teachers move forward with new material, students may be recommended for EIS periods.  These classes are taught by Language Arts and Math content specialists.  Upper grade students will miss a non-core subject to attend EIS sessions; parents will be notified and will sign off on the arrangement.  Lower grade students are recommended by their teachers.  Extended Instructional Support is intended to shore up concepts that are needed as students advance through subject but may not have mastered something in the past that is preventing them from thoroughly grasping new material.  If you think your student would benefit from EIS, you should reach out to their teachers or Dr. Lendis.

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