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  2023-2024 RVS Boy's Basketball


ALL SIGN UPS ARE THROUGH GENESIS. If you are not signed up through Genesis by the Nov. 1st, you will NOT be allowed to participate!

****Tryout Dates:  TBA****

Welcome to the 2023-2024 Rockaway Valley School Basketball program. Below is a list of program rules that will be followed by coach, student-athlete, and parent. These rules are not to make this a negative experience, but a positive learning environment for all.

1. FORMS - All forms (the athletic team contract, basketball rule sheet, emergency card, concussion forms) must be turned in to your coach before you can try out. In addition, a recent physical must be on file in the nurse's office.

2. COMMITMENT - Since practice is the only way one can improve skills and play, you need to make the commitment to practice and play basketball every weekday. Missing practice due to commitments to another team is not an excused absence.

3. CUTS - Unfortunately, the basketball program may have to make cuts due to the extreme interest of 6 th , 7 th , and 8 th graders. Therefore, a tryout may be necessary. Just because you are an 8 th grader does not mean you automatically make the team and just because you were on last year's team, does not mean you automatically make this year's team. This is a new year; therefore all players are evaluated equally on skills demonstrated during tryouts. There will be approximately 15 to 16 players split between the JV and Varsity teams.

4. BASKETBALL SEASON - The 2021-2022 season will begin on November 15 and end around the first week of February. We either practice or play games every weekday.

5. PRACTICE TIME - Practices take place at RVS. Practice will either be immediately after school or starting at 4:30. Since we only use the Upper Gym, the boys and girl's team rotate who starts at 2:30. If the girl's start at 2:30, the boy's then start at 4:30. The next day, the times will be switched. The basketball website will be updated weekly with practice times and games. If there is a sudden change to the schedule, parents will be notified via the Instant Alert System (just like the messages you receive when school is cancelled for snow). Once games start practices are shortened to an hour and a half (4:00 start time).

6. ABSENCES - A player who is ill or injured must notify the coach by email, phone or parental note stating reason for excuse.

7. PRACTICE/GAME POLICY - If you miss a practice/game for an unexcused reason, you WILL NOT start the next game. It is the coach's discrepancy of when/if you will get in the game. Upon the second unexcused absence, a warning will be issued along with not starting the next game. A third offense may result in suspension from a game(s). A fourth offense may result in suspension or removal from the team.

8. ASSESSMENTS - Each of you will be assessed on various basketball skills. After each day of tryouts, scores will be posted by upper gym. Please do not worry! Scores will be kept confidential since everyone will receive a number, and you can check how you did by looking up your number not your name.

9. PLAYING TIME - Playing time is not given by the coach, it is earned by the player. Playing time is based on ATTITUDE, PERFORMANCE, and TEAMWORK!!! Players are always encouraged to speak to the coach if there are questions/concerns with playing time. Parents are welcome to have a conversation but please note this conversation itself will not change playing time in any way.

10. JV & VARSITY TEAMS - I have to form two teams, a JV and Varsity team. Any 6 th , 7 th or 8 th grader can play in a varsity game but only 6 th and 7 th graders can play in a JV game. JV games are running time games (usually 10 minutes total), either played at halftime of the varsity or before the varsity. Varsity games are not running time and have 8-minute quarters. Some players may play in both the JV and Varsity game.

11. PICK UP FROM AN AWAY GAME - All students are able to ride the bus to and from an away game. If for some reason you must take your child from an away game, go to the school website, and under RVS Activities, then click on RVS Sports Home and download the transportation form to hand to the coach.

12. PAY TO PARTICIPATE - Students who make the basketball team will be required to pay a fee to participate of $75. You will receive more information regarding the fee once the team is announced.

I wish you all the best of luck in the upcoming tryouts.

Coach Turner

Season Game Schedule: Coming Soon

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