Here at RVS, we offer three levels of bands.  Our concert bands are made up of instruments in the woodwind family: flute, oboe, clarinet, and saxophones; the brass family: trumpet, french horn, trombone, baritone, and tuba; and the percussion family.  Learning to play an instrument involves both sides of the brain to work together and has been shown in research studies to improve brain function.  When musicians play in a band, no one "sits the bench".  All players collaborate to perform at their best level, wherever they may be in their musical education.  Students enrolled in the band program receive one homogenous group lessons during the school day which are scheduled on a rotating basis.  As well as one group rehearsal during their reinforcement period.  Morning rehearsals are held for all levels to help us prepare for upcoming performances.  These rehearsals are held before school so they do not conflict with sports.  

Fourth grade band is for 4th grade students who are beginning their instrumental music journey.  Lessons begin the second full week in September and band rehearsals begin in January before school on Thursday mornings.

Fifth grade band is open to all 5th grade students. Students are encouraged to begin in 4th grade, but can start their musical journey at any time.  Band rehearsals are before school on Monday mornings starting in October.  This group typically performs at the Rockaway Mall during Excellence in Our Schools week.

Upper Grade Band (UGB) is comprised of 6th-8th grade band students. Rehearsals are held before school on Fridays starting in September/October, as well as Tuesdays one month prior to school concerts.  Tuesday and Friday early band rehearsals generally take place during November and March.

In the spring, both the Upper Grade Chorus and Band travel to the High Notes Festival to perform in an adjudicated event.  We then travel over to Dorney Park to spend the rest of the day having some fun together on the rides and playing games.  

Please contact Mrs. Covart at [email protected] for additional information.

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