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March News:

I can't believe it is already March. We have conferences March 20th-21st. The school will have an early dismissal both days. We have our 1st grade concert on March 15th at 9 am. Please make sure your child wears green or gold. 


Language Arts: The last few weeks of school we were focusing on short and long vowels. Starting next week of school we start digraphs and trigraphs.  Spelling lists  go home each week in your child's folder.  Please keep an eye out for the weekly sights words as well. I send home a weekly letter going over the main language arts concepts we will be focusing on that week.  

Math: The last few weeks of school went over addition and begin to master automaticity of addition facts. We will soon begin to start subtraction  and begin to master automaticity of subtraction facts. Please keep an eye out for Math homework on Mondays- Thursdays. It will be in your child's folder.

Important Dates:   

March 15th- 1st grade concert at 9am. 

March 20th-21st Conferences

March 29-April 5th Spring break


Scholastic Book Order

owl bookMonthly Scholastic flyers will be sent home in the homework folders.  If you’d like, browse through the flyer with you child and select which favorite books to order.  Create an account on and place your order online before the due date. (The due date for the book order will be indicated on the Scholastic flyer.) Pay with credit card directly to the website.  Please do not send a check or money to school with your child.  I will wait until the due date and then submit the entire class order to Scholastic.  You will receive an e-mail notification so you’ll know when the book delivery is on its way to RVS and our classroom! More information will come. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact you?

You may email me at [email protected] or call 973-334-4162 x216.  You may also write a note and put it in your child's homework folder. I will get back to you within 24 hours of receiving your message. 

How do I inform you if my child's after-school routine changes?

Please send in a note (through the homework folder) informing me of the change.  If the change occurs after your child is already at school, you may e-mail me along with Mrs. Debby Cuozzo in the school office ([email protected]).  A physical note is best, because if I happen to be absent that day, the substitute teacher will not receive an e-mail sent to me with your important information.

Should I help my child with his/her homework?

Absolutely! You are a teacher, too.  I encourage you to provide any help and reteaching necessary to reinforce the skills your child is learning in school.  If the homework assignment is particularly difficult for your child, please help them arrive at the answers and jot down a short note on the homework letting me know. This way your child will benefit from your reteaching and I will know to revisit the concept with your child during the school day. 

When are your extra help periods?

My extra help periods are Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 7:17 - 7:37 AM.  If you feel your child needs extra help in any subject area, please contact me and we will arrange an extra help period.  I will also contact you if I feel your child would benefit from an extra help session.  I ask that you please give me advanced notice of your child's needs so that I may prepare materials for them. 

Do you celebrate birthdays in class?

We love to celebrate birthdays in first grade!  The birthday boy or girl may bring in a special book  from home to share with the class. The birthday child may choose to read it aloud to his/her classmates or they may choose for me read their story to the class.  The birthday child will also come home with a ‘birthday book’ created by his/her classmates. Every classmate will write a thoughtful sentence and draw a special picture for the birthday child which I will compile in a book.

*Due to allergies, in first grade we celebrate without food. Thank you for understanding. 

*Please do not send in birthday party invitations or thank you notes as the children will not be able to deliver these during the school day, even to classmates.  Thank you. 

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