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social studies

Contact information:
Phone:  973-334-4162 ext. 234
Help Hours
Tuesday and Thursday afternoons after school.  
Students can receive help outside of these times,
but should always contact me first for availability.   


Frequently Asked Questions

What is your grading policy?
All grades in history are based on a point value.  Most homework is worth 5 points each while quizzes are worth 100 points.  Major tests, writing assignments, projects and notebook checks are worth double (200 points).  Any other assignments will be worth between 5-100 points based on the specific assignment.  At the end of the marking period all the grades will be added up and averaged to determine the marking period grade. 

Do I really have to do the homework?
Yes!  In history, homework is not assigned to review a lesson but to prepare you for tomorrow's lesson.  Students who do not do the homework may find themselves lost in the discussion and struggling to get through the lesson.   

What is your homework policy?
All homework is expected to be completed by the due date given.  Students who are absent have an extra day (for each day they were absent) to complete the assignment for full credit.  Students who do not complete the homework may make it up for 3/5 credit.  Surprise homework quizzes (open notebook) are given frequently to assess the accuracy and effort put into each homework assignment.

Can quizzes/tests be made up?
Yes.  Any student scoring below a '80' on a quiz or test may see me for a retake.  The new grade will be averaged with the old one and will be recorded into the grade book. 

What if I am not doing well or am falling behind?
See me for extra help during reinforcement or one of my help times before/after school.   If you need help outside of these times, see me to set up a time for extra help. 

What if I have a quick question I need answered?
Phone (or text) a friend!  If that does not help, I check my email frequently and you can always try to send an email my way at [email protected]

Any advice on how to get a good grade for Social Studies?
Do your homework, keep your notebook updated, participate in class, come prepared each day and work to your fullest potential. 

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