Ms. Kuhl's Homework

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Homework for the week of 6/10


This week’s high-frequency words: because, just, pick, play, ate, again, how, them

We are reviewing all sounds taught.


Monday:         Practice reading this week’s high-frequency words to an adult.

You will be tested on Friday.

Tuesday:     Practice reading this week’s high-frequency words to an adult.

Wednesday:Practice reading this week’s high-frequency words to an


 Here is the list of this years high-frequency words: We are working on the words that are highlighted blue.The red words have not yet been introduced.


the, a, see, I, by, my, to, am, at, go, is, man, no, and, can, you,

an, has, it, he, ran, she, did, in, put, me, sits, with, big, good,

his, very, got, here, of, on, are, lot, not, was, be, do, had, ten,

but, look, up, want, for, her, him, us, help, they, too, yes,

have, six, some, we, get, hot, or, where, come, from, if, stop,

as, our, red, that, cut, must, said, when, down, off, so, will,

back, let, were, what, could, now, then, this, tell, well, who,

your, know, out, some, take, home, like, many, right, keep,

made, why, would, all, into, make, time, about, came, gave,

one, because, just, pick, play, again, ate, how, then.





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