Mrs. Scarfone's Class News

Current 7th Grade Math Topics 


  • Equations and Inequalities
  • Constant of Proportionality

Current 7th Grade LA Topics


  • Novel: Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli
    • Holocaust novel
    • Conflict
    • Paraphrasing and embedding quotes
  • Grammar
    • Parts of a sentence




  • Transformations
  • Triangles (congruent and similar) 

8th Grade LA 


  • Science and Science Fiction
    • Topic & Theme: Creators vs creations

    • Reading: Apply abstract concepts to an author's portrayal of a character

    • Writing: Argue opposing claims about a character and solve the contradiction

    • Activity Highlights: Write from a character's perspective; debate making the creature a partner

    • Text Features: Gothic text in graphic form, archaic language, and mythological allusions

  • Novel: Independent novel choice (Book Clubs) 


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