Mrs. Hayes Speech News

Suggestions for Speech Work at Home:

  1. Remind your child to bring his/her speech folder home after each speech session and try to practice the work for a short time each day.  Be sure to follow the directions given, such as “look in a mirror”, “keep your tongue inside” etc. 
  2. When your child says a word with his/her target sound incorrectly, repeat the word correctly to model correct sound production.  For example, “(W)ead me a book.” “Yes, I willrrrread you a book.”
  3. Read a story to your child and have him/her listen for words containing the target sound.  If possible, have your child read a story to you and point out words that contain his/her sound.
  4. Find pictures in books or magazines with the target sound and talk about them.  Talk about where the sound is in the word: beginning, middle or end. Make a scrapbook of pictures to use for speech practice.
  5. As you walk or ride in a car with your child, have him/her point out everything with the target sound and talk about it.
  6. Teach your child nursery rhymes, songs and jingles stressing words containing his/her sound.
  7. Choose some time during the day to be a “Good Speech Time”.  For example:  at dinner suggest that all members of the family use correct speech production or ask your child to tell you something or to speak for one-two minutes without making any speech errors.  Errors made during this time should be corrected.
  8. Occasionally produce the target sound incorrectly yourself to see if your child can “catch” your error and correct you.
  9. When your child is playing games with you or other members of the family have him/her use good speech and say all words with the target sounds correctly.  In using a commercial board game, all players may be required to say a word or sentence with the child’s sound before taking a turn.  In lotto or card games, the players may be asked to say a sentence about each card as it is played.  Almost any game can be a speech activity.
  10. Make up speech games such as:

Speech Tic-Tac-Toe:  The child must correctly say a word containing his sound before taking a turn.

20 Questions:  The child must use correct sound when asking the questions.

Guessing Games: Say “I am thinking of ___________” giving a clue from which the child is to guess the object using a sentence and correct sounds.  Then let the child give clues so that others can guess.

Memory Games: Use set phrases such as “I took a trip and in my suitcase I packed ___________”; “I went to the store and bought ___________”; At the zoo I saw ____________” and so on.  Each player repeats all items mentioned and adds one new one.  This is also excellent for building categorization and memory skills.

**Remember to always praise good speech and attempts to use correct sound production.

**Target sound: The sound the child is currently working to correct in speech class and sounds already corrected but not used consistently by the child in conversation.

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