Cindy Snider

Mrs. Snider's 2nd Grade Class

~It's April!~

     It is finally spring! I hope everyone had a restful and relaxing Spring Break!  Report cards are available as of Friday, April 12th on the Parent Portal of Genesis. 

     We are starting a new math unit on measurement. Please gather a ruler or tape measure at home and keep it handy for homework. We will start this math topic  around April 17th. 

     We are also focusing on irregular verbs in the present and past tense. This can be challenging so please provide any needed assistance for homework.




2023-2024 Specials Schedule for 

Mrs. Snider's Class

Monday - Art and Music

Tuesday - Library

Wednesday - Physical Education

Thursday - Physical Education

Friday - Technology


Snider photo 

Email: [email protected]   

Voicemail: 973-334-4162 x203

Extra Help Sessions

Wednesday and Friday Mornings

from 7:17-7:37.

Please drop off your child off at the Art Room Door (same as pick-up line) where there will be an adult  to direct your child to my room. I will tell the door attendant that your child is coming for my session. This is important because sometimes the child may “forget and go to the lunch room gym.” Please reinforce the purpose for coming to school early when you drop your child off. 

It is best to notify me that you are planning to send your child for morning help. If  I  ask you to bring your child, I am already aware of the topic for reinforcement. If you reach out to me with a concern, I may not be seeing the same concerns you see during homework. Please email me with the  arrangement. Our 20 minutes of help time is short, so if I am not expecting your child I have nothing prepared for the area of concern, which it is not efficient use of our time together. If you haven't emailed me for morning help, you can still send your child, no appointment is necessary. However, the time will be more effective if advance preparation can be made. 

  If there is a delayed opening when I have help times scheduled, the help session  is canceled. Please send your child at the regular time for a delayed opening, available for your reference in the parent handbook.

Let Me Introduce Myself...

 Hello!  Let me introduce myself.  I'm Cindy Snider and I teach second grade here at Rockaway Valley School. Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new. Each day, I make every effort to teach with a style that takes into account the ways children learn best. I use techniques that utilize Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences, focus on manipulatives and movement, incorporate brain breaks and cooperative learning, and add a good measure of fun in our learning community. This allows the maximum opportunity to provide the brain of a seven or eight year old the best opportunity to hold on to the concepts introduced. There are many occasions for the children to learn using a game format in a social setting. Keeping on task is important, but paper and pencil activities are not the main focus in my classroom. We also share many stories in second grade. One of the central goals for second graders is to make sure they head off to third grade with a love of reading and writing. Together we learn, play, and grow together in our classroom. If you ever have any questions about how or why we use an activity, please feel free to contact  me.


2023-2024 School Supplies:

1 composition book   
2 Yellow Highlighters   
5 one-gallon zip lock bags

A 1-inch (no larger because it won't fit in the desk) 3 ring binder with a view pocket in the front to insert a title page.

A pencil box or zipper pouch no larger than                               8 5/5 x 5 3/4 x2 1/2. 

Points to Remember During the School Year:

We have a quick snack every day. Please send in a healthy snack and reusable, spill-resistant water bottle with your child on ALL days. Snacks may NOT be shared due to potential allergies in the class.

The yellow folder your child receives will be used as a Homework Folder. Please review the homework and graded returned assignments so you can understand your child's strengths and weaknesses regarding the curriculum. Please turn to the back pocket of the folder to review the Homework Planner so that you can see what is assigned each night, test schedule, and specials, as well as how well the day went for your child. This yellow folder should be returned each day, even when there is nothing assigned, and initial the box for the day so I know your have seen it. 

Any month with an "R" in the spelling of the name of the month requires jackets and sweaters. Please dress appropriately and remind your child to bring a jacket/gloves, when necessary.  Label all clothing with your child's name so any misplaced items can easily be returned to your child. Last name is sufficient. 

If you have a change of plan for your child's routine at the end of the day, please call the office. I may not be able to check the email messages prior to dismissal. If you alert the office to any changes, they can contact me directly in the classroom. The phone in the classroom doesn't ring in the room. You can leave a message but it will only alert me with a small red blinking light. It is much more efficient if you call the office at 973-334-4162 x369.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. I can be reached via email, folder notes, or voicemail. I will get back to you as soon as possible. I look forward to a wonderful year working with you and your child.

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