Mrs. Fudala's Class News

June Classroom News

PreK-2   The students are working on various skills and motor movements through fitness, stations, and cooperation games. We are engaged in activities using throwing, rolling, and kicking skills, following directions, and the importance of good sportsmanship.

3rd-8th Grades  The students are playing various fitness and cooperative games.

5th Grade Health   The students are learning about nutrition, fitness, and diseases.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I expect the students to do in P.E.?

A. If you want to be successful in P.E. at Rockaway Valley School you should have fun, enjoy the activities, try your best, help others, show excellent sportsmanship, and leave with a smile.

Q: What do I need to do if my child is ill or has an injury and should not participate in P.E.?

A. If your child has any illness, injury, health concern, or restriction that we need to be aware of, please send a detailed note with instructions for their class participation limitations and bring it to the nurse before coming to P.E.


Q. Does my child need sneakers to participate in P.E.?

A. Every child is expected to participate to the best of their ability each day they attend class. We are concerned about your child's safety and for that reason; we ask that they wear athletic or running-type shoes. Shoes with heels, boots, or sandals (such as crocs) make it difficult for children to participate safely. We strongly encourage students to wear socks with their shoes.

Q: How can my child lose points in Physical Education?

A: In grades 5-8, if they are late, they will lose 2 points; if they are unprepared, they will lose 10 points; for not following directions or misbehavior, they will lose 2 points for every time we have to reprimand the student.

Q: How does grading work on Genesis?

A: We grade out of 100 points per quarter, unfortunately, Genesis grades using averages. To calculate your child's grade, subtract the total points lost from 100.

Q: What happens if my child comes to PE without sneakers?

A: They will not be able to participate.

Q: When are your extra help periods?

A: My extra help periods are Monday and Wednesday from 7:17-7:37 AM. 


Q. Who is in the P. E. Department?

A. The P. E. Department includes Mr. Ellard, Mrs. Gaffney, and Mrs. Fudala

Q. What are the requirements to become a Field Day helper?

A. Students must be responsible for getting their schoolwork and classwork in on time, have positive teacher input, be on their best behavior, have no D's on their report card, and have no points.

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